Watch the movie - She wants you to see

The Seeing (2006) was shot on location at Stell Coffee Shop in Redlands, California.

A Blue Harvest Production

Droopy eye

Produced and Directed by
Richard F. Spencer, Jr.

Bug eye

Starring Mark Donohue and
Yvette Etheredge

Boiled eye

Screenplay Co-written by Mathew Dixon and
Richard F. Spencer, Jr.

Slit eye

Videography by Justin Snodgrass

Droop eye

Lighting by Justin Snodgrass,
Richard F. Spencer, Jr., and Sterling Peter

Boiled eye

Sound Design and Music by Dwayne Hancock

Buggy eye

Audio Recording - Dwayne Hancock, Robert Raae-Nielsen, Sterling Peter, and Justin Peter

Drooing eye

Production Assistant - Justin Peter

Old Plymouth where the murder took place
Truck shot setup
Interior setup
Interior setup
Lights action

Old Plymouth that seemed to float slowly across the pavement

Mark takes direction from Rich.

Matt, Rich and Dwayne (blur) setting up a truck shot

Justin sets up for table scenes using the jib he built.

Justin and Matt (hands) setting up another angle

Robert on mic boom, Matt in red shirt, and Justin on camera.

MORE PHOTOS (below) - Click pictures to enlarge them

Early scene

Sarah is distressed

Inside the shop

Call the police

I want you to see

The storefront

A young girl seeks out the only man who can give her peace after her family is brutally murdered.- WATCH IT NOW on Creep TV.

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The Plymouth - scene of the crime
Stell's storefront
Laying down track
Justin sets up
Justin makes adjustments
Robert operates mic boom
Creep TV logo

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On the set of The Seeing
Rich surveys the set
Yvette and Richard discuss next scene
Richard gives directions
Richard and Justin screen last take
The murder weapon

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Korg recording studio
Richard and Justin planning
Mark goes crazy
Overworked crew
Too much horror
Yvette and Robbie look on
On the set of The Seeing
Richard F Spencer surveys the set
Discussing the next scene
Rich gives directions
Screening the last take
The murder weapon
Location audio The Seeing
Richardand Justin discuss next scene
Mark goes crazy by Dwayne
Overworked crew
Dwayne comforts Rich when the horror becomes too much
Yvette and Robbie look on

Ready on the set.  No wait until that truck goes by.

Richard considering last minute details.

Yvette and Richard discussing her next scene.

Richard giving directions.

Richard and Justin screen the last take.

Rich waves the murder weapon around for all to see.

Korg automated recording studio setup.

Rich and Justin discussing alternatives.

Mark finally loses it while Dwayne understands.

Overworked crew members.

Long long hours tell on Rich as Dwayne tries to calm him.

Yvette and Robbie Stell are simply amazed.


 The Seeing  Production Photo Gallery

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